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10 Out of 10!

By Justin Simmons - Oct 10, 2023

10.10 Mental Health Day.jpg

Today is the 10th of October, World Mental Health Day. I’d like to take a moment to applaud all who can feel pride in acknowledging such a sentiment to be shared on this day. Sure, 10/10 is also synonymous with many birthdays (happy b-day Mario Lopez), anniversaries, first days of new employment and even other national honors such as National Cake Decorating Day. To all these celebrations and many more, congratulations- we have multiple reasons to cheer!

The fact we have landed on a day where the whole world can pause and reflect on the importance of self-health is certainly worth celebrating. However, many might be surprised to know that World Mental Health Day was actually established in 1992, over 30 years ago. This might even be the first time you’re hearing about it yourself.

This gap in awareness is to be expected, social media platforms were barely in existence in the 90’s and limited outlets openly boasted mental health. Unfortunately, the topic has traditionally been met with a negative public response and was long kept a secret for individuals to navigate alone, often misled by poor guidance and misdiagnosis.

Fast forward to 10/10/2023: we have the power to speak on our own behalf, the resources to gain access to more information, and the ability to choose how we wish to proceed proactively. Secrets no longer have to exist, the world is smaller than ever and it’s not as bad as we make it sound!

I’m so proud to be part of a culture that is allowed to communicate freely on ways of thinking, emotional response, and healing techniques. Keeping things bottled up to ‘save face’ accomplishes nothing good. Subservience to the fear of rejection will produce a false sense of identity which over time drags us deeper into the hole we wish to be liberated from. Standing our ground and admitting we can use help will empower us and those around us to be more for each other. There is an unrelenting strength in unity that can greatly surpass individual participation.

Without going too deep into details, anyone who knows the story behind how my wife and I met, may know that she has seen me at my most vulnerable times on this earth. Literally having saved my life multiple times upon going into anaphylactic shock, there is very little I can do in these moments to save myself. Such dependence is humbling and perspective-driving but also highly stressful to know your fate may reside in the will of others. Just so happens God brought me a true guardian that night we met because she has been watching out for me ever since.

I mention this event not only for its initial gravity but to also highlight the impact that followed. For someone who has always been in control of themselves and their surroundings, accepting this newfound fate of weakness was a foreign concept for me to digest and at first, I didn’t. I went on with life as always, looking at things very similarly with little regard for the potential downfalls. Then a strange thing happened, life began to provide me with a much stronger sense of purpose for those I love and care for, especially for my family, starting with my wife.

Suddenly facing the concept that if something were to happen to me it would impact more than just myself was a daunting realization. So, I checked all the boxes; medical checkups, life insurance, and even a trust. Now I assure you my assets at the time were not exactly worthy of needing a trust, but it didn’t matter, this is who I am, I plan.

I want to preface my next statement with the fact that I am a proponent of everything I just described. Having a handle on the structure of your personal portfolio is absolutely a best practice and I implore you to do so if not done so already. However, amidst such planning I found myself experiencing a sense of anxiety that was otherwise unfamiliar. I dug deep into the root cause and found that I fear the potential outcome of that which I cannot control. These environments apparently cause me anxiety and seem to have been sparked by such near-death occurrences.

Lucky for me, I have a strong ability to communicate and an even deeper appreciation for psychology. I can also state that I do not have a lack of confidence in myself or my abilities, so I never found myself feeling judged or dismissed when openly discussing certain events. I had the privilege to experience the opposite. The more I learned about myself, the more I respected others and the struggles so many face on a regular basis. My own mental health has been an eye-opening experience and I feel blessed to now better understand the challenges that I and others can face at any moment.

There is no shame in admitting we suffer from depression, anxiety, OCD, or any other condition which impacts our mental capacity. This doesn’t mean we’re ‘broken’, ‘crazy’, or ‘mentally ill’. It means we’re human and self-aware. For far too long we have given mental health the stigma of being problematic. A problem only becomes a problem when we don’t reach a solution.

There are many avenues and resources to support mental health solutions but we must take the first step in seeking improvement. We are truly living in the best times to improve upon well-being starting with our mind. The body will follow the mind’s direction, so invest your efforts wisely and don’t ignore the signs for help (both internally and in others).

Every day is an opportunity to challenge ourselves and seek new goals. The more we urge ourselves to push past our fears and worries, the stronger we become as individuals. I developed T.E.A.M. Mentality by thinking differently and establishing a new path for myself. Everyone is capable of doing the same and once we possess the desire for a greater collective outcome, we will get there together. Today is World Mental Health Day and that’s proof the desire exists across the globe. Be willing to bet on yourself 10 out of 10 times because you’re worth it! Are you ready to discover the power of your mindset?

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