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Build Your Brand Not Just The Logo

By Justin Simmons - Nov 7, 2023

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Imagine judging an entire movie based on only seeing a single clip of a popular tagline. It wouldn’t be surprising to think we might misread the overall premise, an interpretation that may convince us to either invest in watching the full feature or pass altogether. In either case, we have set premature expectations, a growing dilemma in a society of shrinking attention spans.

Speedy judgments are made all around us each day and we are sure to partake in doing so as well. In one regard we can be revered as decisive. In another breath chastised for being impatient. The final characterization will be decided by perception and you have everything to do with the way you’re perceived.

Whether making quick decisions or having those same decisions be made about you, the way we’re perceived and received matters. The question then becomes, what can we do to improve upon our brand?

An exciting logo that grabs attention or even holds interest for a few moments is a great start but will soon fall prey to the next point of interest. A flash in the pan only plays to the fleeting emotions which rarely hold its audience. Behind the flash there must be substance. A gravity that draws its consumers near and reminds them they are safe. This reminder is predicated on trust, the foundation of every strong relationship and possibly the hardest attribute to maintain.

When considering how we build and maintain the relationships that strengthen our brand, we must recognize the story we tell through our actions. Trust is not earned over time, it’s given like a gift and starts with our action to offer such a symbol first. As we give a little trust, this will enable others to possibly return a bit to us in exchange. This process repeated over and over is what builds a familiar bond that we can depend on. Dependability is something our brain intuitively seeks and even requires to offset fears of being let down.

The hormone oxytocin affects our ability to accept social risks by calming our sense of caution. Once capable of disregarding the concern of deceit, we are able to trust, especially if shown trust in return. As we begin to believe in ourselves and others, we can effectively trigger heightened oxytocin levels which further corroborate our brand.

Believing in ourselves is the first step to telling a truly compelling story. It can take years to develop a brand that fully reflects this narrative but this should serve as a reminder to continue the creation long after an initial pop of a great idea. Work the idea, refine the idea, and allow the product(s) to evolve organically. You are your most valued product and the brand will always return to the baseline of its origin (you), no matter how much it grows.

The growth of who we are and what makes us feel whole can also come with an added sense of stress as responsibilities increase. In these instances, oxytocin can again play a large role in maintaining balance. In addition to opening our minds to allow for trusting others, anxiety and depressive conditions have also been shown to improve based on this chemical increase.

Beyond the situational stimuli, there are several other ways we can naturally increase the production of the ‘love drug’ oxytocin. The most pronounced method is through physical touch. Hugs, massage or cuddling are all highly effective. Even petting animals can help substantially. There are a whole host of foods and or vitamin supplements that will support improved levels as well. The body and mind work brilliantly together through a methodical hormonal dance. Although this will happen automatically, we can certainly learn to influence behaviors that help elevate both our levels of production and their associated positive effects.

People are drawn toward positivity for two standard reasons; they seek a similar energy or personality as their own, or they wish to fill a positivity deficit within themselves. In theory, knowing this concept should prompt us to be more positive. After all, in doing so we should attract more positive relationships. Easier said than done, however. The more life challenges us, the harder it can be to remain optimistic. This is where we must remember our brand is built to last and overcome the adversity that tests our bounds. As we persevere our true credibility is earned and difficult times can still remain seemingly positive. This is real growth, the type of gravitas that commands attention.

Our willingness to succeed is never proven through easy victories. The one-hit wonders or overnight success stories rarely last. This isn’t because they’re not talented, it's merely due to the strength of their brand. Without sufficient time and trial, our reputation has more to prove. As soon as we lose sight of building the brand and become distracted by the hype or short-term gains, we begin to lose momentum. Consistency is everything and requires a desire to stay focused.

Wherever you feel your brand stands today, imagine what it might look like to be even stronger, more consistent, and something others model their own brands after. The ultimate recognition in this arena is when others see such value in your operation style that they too wish to model their practice similarly. Role models are everywhere and if you feel stuck, keep an eye out for a role model of your own.

We expedite our learning process by watching others and adapting new techniques. This isn’t to say we must copy others but rather apply the lessons they offer and even avoid the mistakes they make. To blindly accept one’s practice is foolish but to evaluate the things that work will help our process for future decision making.

Acquiring the ability to make solid judgments is critical to our growth and willingness to trust one another. We must be cognizant of this fact when becoming a role model ourselves as it holds great responsibility. We will be evaluated in many ways and staying true to our beliefs should not waiver due to these pressures. Instead, build upon your story and ensure those watching have no questions as to who you are. Anyone can entertain for a moment, not everyone can keep the audience tuned in until the end. Your brand is bigger than a moment in time, it even has the potential to outlast your individual efforts. Take the actions necessary to see how big your brand can be. Are you ready to discover the power of your mindset?

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