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T.E.A.M. Tuesday Articles 

Rise Over Run

By Justin Simmons - Oct 3, 2023


“Rise and Shine my little ones”, I can still hear my father’s voice providing my sister and me his regular morning wake-up call when we were children. Serving in the Navy, Dad always found subtle ways to incorporate some of the phrases he was so accustomed to using. At the time, I interpreted this message of rise and shine as a friendly reminder that it was time to get out of bed. looking back, however, I now realize how it stood for so much more. This simple statement, typically accompanied by a smile, started my day by assuring me that not only was everything okay but that I had the whole day ahead which always seemed to spark an added element of excitement.

The way we approach the days, weeks and years throughout our life will dictate just how far we allow our accomplishments to evolve. Although sometimes overwhelming, when we’re reminded that today is a new day with new chances to shine, our demeanor shifts to explore the possibilities. Embracing the possible is step one, next we must accept the concept of love and hope. Through the loving support of others and the hopeful desire for growth in the future, we begin to build confidence by believing in ourselves.

When viewing a line graph, the structure of plotting growth development across the X and Y axes over a period of time is termed ‘rise over run’ (slope). We use this visual to display improvements, consistencies, and declines in performance. Tracking such progress isn’t always well received. Numbers are one thing to digest but when viewed in pictorial form these images can be difficult to accept.

As we take on any new project or activity, there is always a ramp up period which is healthy to clearly define. Starting off to fast and not allowing for a proper developmental curve could prove detrimental. As much as we all want to hit the ground running, we must pay careful attention to the process that allows us to truly rise to greatness.

Patience and perseverance are never easily obtained, mainly due to the environments they’re needed most. Considering when we most commonly find ourselves needing to display such attributes, it's never in moment of instant gratification. Time allocation is critical to anything we want to accomplish. Baking, building, and birthing all share this same critical need. They all demand the proper duration of time to be considered sufficiently complete. In none of these situations is it recommended to cut the process short and so we must be willing to do the work and invest the time necessary to be successful.

Each day we have the option to build upon ourselves and our crafts. Through this evolution, more opportunities will become evident and allow for testing our limits through trial and error. Once we manage this process to a sustainable level, the data gathered from these efforts will show indication signals on our graph which can help guide us in taking acceptable risks. This is where we get to lace up the track shoes and see how well the feet can keep up.

As we hit our stride, running doesn’t feel like a chore, it embodies a new form of exertion that allows us to sustain the level of execution required to recognize our full potential. This is excitement at is best, dynamic and uncharted but ready for what comes next. Our experience will serve as the reassurance needed to push through adverse moments and direct our thinking to control the controllable.

Suddenly blips and dips on a chart don’t seem to cause the same level of concern as we're able to responsibly focus on the big picture. Being a leader requires time to comprehend the full responsibility implied. While rising to new levels of authority we experience many valuable lessons and earn the insights necessary to run with the ideas we wish to develop.

Rising to any occasion will take a certain level of pride and mental fortitude. Opportunities for this type of preparation occur every day, we must be willing to seek them out and identify where we can continue to grow. As we build this momentum, the slope of our surrounding landscape can transform based on these efforts. Upon waking tomorrow, remember not only to rise but also to shine with the intention of running toward your goals. The attitude we seek is the attitude we will find. Are you ready to discover the power of your mindset?

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