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     T.E.A.M. Mentality 

    Time. Education. Adversity. Manifestation. 

    -Discover The Power of Your Mindset-

    building weaknesses into strengths and strengths into talents

    Welcome to the T.E.A.M

    T.E.A.M. Mentality is designed to help redefine our thinking process and discover the true power we all possess within our mindset. The more we understand our inherent abilities as strong, resilient, and creative beings, the more prepared we are to face challenges in the pursuit of our goals and dreams. Thought patterns heavily influence our actions, which is why we must learn ways to control our minds. In doing so, we can maximize cognitive awareness, minimize routine inefficiencies, and optimize the way we think. Ultimately, this practice will help us function more efficiently and drive purposeful actions to live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

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    Imagine a situation where you find yourself alone, having to face a difficult challenge. With the proper preparation and confidence to know your mind is working with you in this moment; positive self-assurance accompanied by effective manual techniques can help to overcome any adversity. The understanding of what we are truly capable of holds immense power and with such awareness we can begin to define who we are and what we want to achieve.​

    Our program instills the value and importance of managing Time, Education, Adversity, and Manifestation (T.E.A.M) in our daily routine. This innovative philosophy for managing one’s mindset will provide the insight and perspective necessary to reimagine how we think. Our thoughts lead to actions and actions lead to accomplishments. These actions have a compounding impact on our future, one that only we as individuals can determine.

    The human brain is built to sustain us, however, there is much to explore if willing to think beyond our typical comfort zones. In simplifying the otherwise complex geography of the brain, we have developed the T.E.A.M. Mind Map © for visual aid in navigating our inner thoughts and supporting our personal goals. Self-exploration and attempts to think differently can often feel intimidating or uncomfortable, this is natural, embracing change isn't always easy. The process that follows will require effort, but the excitement generated from chasing our dreams stimulates us and creates productivity.​

    As we improve our visual clarity and self-assertion, our ambitions begin to take over and hold us accountable. Such aspiration will further fuel our minds in ways that excite and motivate us to take on new responsibilities. Through 

    routine diligence and the powerful practice of 'Self-Health' techniques, our body and mind will respond profoundly to these efforts. Only then are we able to produce the best version of ourselves. In doing so, we don’t just benefit ourselves- we begin to better support those around us.

    When considering how to best support ourselves, we also look toward those we trust and can depend on. The goal is for this relationship to become reciprocal. Just as we seek value in others, the inverse also applies to our personal sense of worth. The accountability of knowing others can depend on us will instill a sense of pride and purpose uniquely found in this supportive role. In cultivating these relationships, heightened self-awareness and stronger communication skills help to build a greater sense of satisfaction and success through collaborative interactions with others. It's natural to want to build relationships, we are social beings and survival teaches us there is strength in numbers. Emotions, however, complicate this basic concept and can quickly confuse our thought patterns. To navigate our personal growth we must embrace the growth of others and remember that Individual performance must remain in context; individual. People operate at different speeds and capacities, as long as we're collectively working towards positive goals the results will bear fruit. This formative growth is momentum shifting but starts with an individual decision to control our own narrative. 

    T.E.A.M. Mentality is designed to support this personal process and help you shape your vision for the future. We all stand to learn more by working together and building the necessary confidence in ourselves to make informed decisions. Such collaboration is similarly illustrated in our brain’s anatomy as neurons will light up in various patterns, spanning all parts of the brain as we think and process data. This neurological activity in our brain produces energy, enough energy to power a lightbulb in fact (thus the common reference to a lightbulb when thinking). Based on this science we know that the more we stimulate our minds, the more energy we produce. Fueling our brain directly correlates to the level of ambition we feel towards any activity. By focusing our attention on goals that stimulate us, we can propel this brain activity and effectively prompt our own ambitious nature. 

    As individuals who naturally seek happiness, love, and hope, we too light up as we become more motivated by all this world has to offer. Life becomes more meaningful as we discover our purpose and share our talents with others. As a spectator seeking to learn more, or participant ready to take action in your life, we invite you to join T.E.A.M. Mentality as all are welcome.

    Our T.E.A.M. Core Values 

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    Our greatest asset in life which cannot be replaced- Time will allow us to Create, Destroy, and Heal but most of all Think. Our ability to cognitively process information and take action empowers us to innovate and explore. If we wish to maximize our potential, we must become experts in Managing Minutes.  Throughout our day we inevitably spend time on all types of activities. Knowing we only have 1440 minutes to accomplish our daily goals, each minute counts. Clock management teaches us; time saved is time earned. As we learn to gain minutes and use them more effectively, we will begin to fulfill key objectives more easily. Such time awareness is essential in planning for a healthier & more successful future.

    Knowledge is instrumental for survival in life. The more we learn, the more we understand about ourselves and our surroundings. Comprehension

    of personal wellness and

    environmental conditions allows us to make better choices, possibly in an expedited manner. Intelligence supports informed decisions, which will lead to greater actions. Acting with productive motives rather than selfish ambition will create 

    recognizable value and present opportunities for more sustainable gains. The confidence earned and efficiencies produced through this process can then be reinvested into more education for continued growth. This Knowledge Cycle will improve our everyday life and help to propel us towards our goals.

    Challenges can present great

    opportunities. It is in the most adverse moments which we will gain the highest understanding of ourselves and our abilities. What do we do in these times?

    How do we prioritize tasks? Why do we push through in search of solutions? The answers to these questions begin to define us as individuals. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Our true value is earned as we build and grow through adversity. Training ourselves to maintain a steady mindset during these moments will help us think more clearly and persevere. In doing so, we will evolve as we develop weaknesses into strengths and strengths into talents.

    Visualization starts in the mind, not the eye. Eyes often lead to distraction. The mind is where we can cultivate grand visions and foster greatness. As children we have wild imaginations, where anything is possible. Until of course we experience life firsthand and learn of 'reality', a harsh awakening which often lowers expectations. We all have dreams, but to harness them and develop the ideas

    associated with achieving such lofty goals can often be dismissed as impossibility. Where to start any new idea may feel overwhelming (so many moving parts to consider). Taking the first step is how we change the narrative and begin to follow our own plan. We must believe in ourselves long before others will and our willingness to do so is how we set forth in achieving that which we manifest. 

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    Origin Story

    Justin Simmons - Founder

    Growing up I was always fascinated by the way things worked. I spent more time taking toys apart and reassembling them, or retrofitting them into hybrid versions of themselves than just playing with the actual toy. This fascination has followed me into adulthood, as I have forged a career out of designing solutions.

    Working in the field of Building Automation and Energy Management Engineering, I have spent years finding ways to design and operate electrical, mechanical, and software systems more efficiently for critical buildings (Hospitals, Labs, Data Centers, etc.). The unique assets none of these systems consider on paper, however, are the individual personalities of those responsible for installing and operating the aforementioned technology. This is where I began to recognize that an ability to communicate and articulate complex messaging for various audiences, actually held as much if not more value than any of my skillsets. 

    Typically, I tend to apply a positive attitude during adverse situations- which, in this line of business, is often. In doing so, I not only gained success in my career but also noticed consistent patterns in people during high-stress situations. I found there was a distinct correlation between the quality of efficient communication and perceived stress levels. So, I began exploring how I could possibly improve participant morale within these environments regardless of role or responsibility. My concept was fundamental; foster the emotional and psychological well-being of individuals to help them control and communicate their thoughts more clearly. Simple enough I ambitiously imagined, but where to begin…

    As people, we are motivated by what we need, what makes us happy, and what we want (typically in that order). When these priorities become rearranged, we may find ourselves out of balance or not feeling in control of ourselves and our goals. We are empowered by what we are good at, what makes us feel important, and of course, what brings us a sense of achievement. However, getting there isn’t easy- it takes discipline, hard work, patience, and the right mindset. Naturally, we all must learn some lessons the hard way in life, but what if we could minimize them? This notion of reverse engineering tasks and finding efficient means of operation has been my life’s curiosity and inevitably brought me to develop the program 'T.E.A.M. Mentality™'.

    T.E.A.M. Mentality is based on a philosophy of simplifying the complex to gain a greater understanding of how we think and operate. My goal is to help others discover the raw power we all possess, the power achieved through one's mindset. More than just a saying, there is science-backed evidence that shows us how our thinking patterns will impact our performance. This science is the basis of our program and the inspiration behind our T.E.A.M. Mind Map ©. Without strong cognitive awareness, we risk never reaching our true potential. Our brains are infinitely perplexing but when categorized into more manageable segments and terms, we begin to unlock the mystery behind why we do anything.​

    “Our mindset is what we make of it, we all have the power to choose greatness, it starts the moment you believe you’re great” – Justin Simmons


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